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Tips For Your Photography Session!

Photography is great way for people to express themselves, we want to make your experience as unique as possible so preparing for your session can help you have fun while letting us do all the hard work!

The important thing is for you to be yourself and feel relaxed, wear clothes and colours that make you feel comfortable and don’t wear heavy make-up that hides your natural features.

Any hair that needs to be cut should be done so a couple of days before. You want to look your best in your photos, so make sure you are clean-shaven and pay attention to details like hands and nails.

With young children, it is essential that parents are relaxed, we will gently interact with your children to make them feel at ease to capture those natural, unguarded moments.

For small children and babies, it is important to pick a time after they have napped so energy levels are good. Lastly, get plenty of sleep, eat healthily and don’t stress out!

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